Australia’s biggest independent retailer for batteries

The Battery Factory is Australia’s largest and most comprehensive battery retailer, offering free and friendly advice on any battery related issues you might be having.

We know everything about batteries. We love problem solving, and we bet that if you can think of a problem, we can provide a solution for it. We have a huge amount of hands-on experience and we can help you fix whatever’s going on, or, at the very least, steer you in the right direction.

The Battery Factory was established in 1975, and we have since grown to become Australia’s biggest independent battery retailer, with the broadest range of batteries under one roof. We set the industry standard by which all other battery outlets are measured, and we take our responsibilities very seriously. We have even received numerous small business and management awards and commendations, including the Australian Small Business Awards, Non-Manufacturing ACT section, twice.

We carry all of the leading national and international brands, like Odyssey car batteries, or Vision batteries, as well as a huge range of alternative battery solutions such as solar batteries, gel batteries, super-charged and rechargeable batteries, and many more.

So let our expert, friendly staff help you to choose the battery that best meets your budget and satisfies your power needs. We have a variety of different services and products available including:

Batteries in Australia
Batteries in Australia
Batteries in Australia
Batteries in Australia

  • Huge range of battery chargers and small batteries for everyday electronics
  • Jumper leads and battery chargers
  • Mobile phone batteries and chargers

  • AC power adapters
  • Disposable and rechargeable batteries for cameras
  • Custom and specialised orders

Battery Recycling

Batteries can be dangerous if not disposed of properly, so why not let us do that for you? If you bring us your old batteries we can recycle them safely, which is good for you, and good for the planet. So next time you come in, bring your old batteries with you and let us make sure that they are disposed of safely.


We can provide batteries for almost every product you can imagine including:

  • Solar
  • Automotive
  • Power tool
  • Marine
  • Camera
  • Scientific
  • Agricultural
  • Motorcycle
  • Wheelchair
  • Gold buggy
  • Cordless phone

  • Toys
  • Laptop / computer
  • Medical
  • Electric vehicle
  • Industrial
  • Lithium batteries
  • Watch
  • Remote control
  • Torch
  • Cordless telephones
  • Mobile
  • Cordless power tool

  • Golf scooter
  • Mobility scooter
  • Power supplies
  • Jump start packs
  • Battery boxes and charges
  • Maintenance charges
  • Remote area power
  • Battery cable – ready made and custom made
  • Terminals