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The Largest Range of Mobile Phone Batteries in Canberra

You’re willing pay what it costs to have a modern and stylish phone. But you’re not willing to give up more money to replace it after a year or two. When a phone battery dies though, the device becomes practically useless.

Save your money for a different investment, and instead replace the battery. The Battery Factory is a one-stop shop for all your battery needs, including mobile phone batteries. Our Canberra and Fyshwick customers come to us for any battery problem.

When Is It Time to Replace Your Battery?

At first, it might seem like your phone is simply acting strangely. You might have some battery life left when it unexpectedly shuts down in the afternoon. Maybe it will have a full charge but lose power quickly. Or, perhaps your phone overheats. While you might assume these are minor issues, in fact these problems could indicate your battery is dying.

Instead of resolving this issue on your own, work with us. We replace mobile phone batteries in the Canberra and Fyshwick areas.

Why Trust a Professional?

In the past, older phones featured easy-to-change battery packs that users could manage on their own. However, newer models use embedded batteries for sleeker design and increased balance.

While these batteries make your phone slim and chic, they also make changing your own battery a bad idea. The process is not only complicated, but it can also damage the casing and hardware if you aren’t familiar with the device. With our help, you don’t have to worry about the process or any potential mishaps.

Call Us for Local Service

We emphasise great service and, as the largest independent battery retailer in Australia, we’ll find the battery you need. No matter the model, Apple, Nokia or Samsung, we replace mobile phone batteries in Canberra and the nearby areas.

If you want a second opinion or a battery replacement, call us on (02) 6280 6511.

We recommend that you bring your mobile phone into our Fyshwick showroom and one of our qualified staff will recommend the right battery and replace it for you. 

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